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New Groundwater Radiation Spikes At Fukushima Daiichi

New Groundwater Radiation Spikes At Fukushima Daiichi
The series of groundwater monitoring wells near the sea front have seen continued changes consisting of high levels of various radioactive isotopes. Beta radiation in well 1-6 jumped to 5.1 million...

Fukushima Unit 4; 11 Spent Fuel Assemblies Left To Remove From Pool

PBS: Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species — Experts: Take your kids to beach and see them before they’re gone; Worst outbreak ever known in the oceans; Catastrophic losses nearly everywhere we’ve been (VIDEO)

“I am a newscaster, but I couldn't tell the true story on my news program," says Jun Hori, a former anchor for NHK, the Japanese state broadcaster.

Hori says the network restricted what he and other journalists could say about Fukushima and moved more slowly than foreign media to report on the disaster and how far radiation was spreading. The attitude in the newsroom was not to question official information.

‘Do not create panic, do not fuel public anxiety, do not impair national interests, do not compromise the interests of our sponsors’…

Off Grid Journey - Self Sufficiency Videos
Join Drew Lamb, owner of Pyramid Pure Foods aquaponics farm, as he explores self-sufficient living. Get advice from experts about organic farming and gardeni...

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Combined Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation reading

Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy

Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy - 10/18/2014

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Post Ignorance with Kevin Blanch - 10/16/2014

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There are now 11 spent fuel assembles left in the damaged unit 4 spent fuel pool. The other remaining assemblies are a group of unused assemblies that had been stored in the pool before the disaster. Those unused assemblies would have eventually been put into the reactor after the maintenance outage was completed. The remaining 11 spent fuel assemblies include two that are leaking and one that is deformed. TEPCO claims these were damaged before the disaster. Removing the leaking or damaged assemblies will require careful handling and possibly removal into a specialized cask. TEPCO previously submitted paperwork to NRA for their planned handling of the damaged assemblies. This article would not be possible without the extensive efforts of the SimplyInfo research team Join the conversation at All content is copyright Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of that content owner. If you are viewing ...

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The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission has determined to renew the operating licenses for the Unit 1 and Unit 2 reactors at the Limerick Generating Station in Pennsylvania, for 20 additional years of...

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