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Experts: Fukushima ‘ice wall’ could destroy reactor buildings, turn site into swamp — Risk of fractures, ground mo… 

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Last week TEPCO admitted that the frozen wall would not fully contain groundwater flowing through the plant. Original estimates of groundwater flowing through the plant were about 600 tons per day. The frozen wall will allow 50 tons per day to flow through the reactor block area. While this is a significant reduction, it isn’t water tight. This is the first time this has been disclosed to the public. Some reasons why it may not be water tight include small cable ducting tunnels, similar pipes that run through the area or where roads lead in and out of the reactor block area. Installing pipes in these road areas would be problematic. Even creating small bridging structures would be difficult as most of the vehicle traffic is heavy equipment. This photo below shows the frozen wall pipes installed before the connecting system is installed. This shows why freezing actively used road sections could ...



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