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This surprising news requires a bit of back story. The sitting Niigata prefecture governor, Hirohiko Izumida has been blocking the potential restart of TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear plant in Niigata. He insisted a complete understanding and investigation of the Fukushima disaster should take place before he would consider any permission to restart TEPCO’s reactors in his prefecture. The Japanese government’s entire Fukushima recovery plan including what to do with TEPCO has been dependent on restarting Kashiwazaki Kariwa so TEPCO had a significant stream of income. Then that money would be used to help fund the decommissioning and compensation payments tied to the disaster. Prime minister Abe and his political party the LDP decided to oust Izumida who is also an LDP member. So they ran their own candidate in his election after creating a scandal about the sale of a ship owned by the prefecture. But the LDP’s hand picked candidate lost. ...



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