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Filmmaker Laura Poitras’ Art Show Will Make You Rethink Mass Surveillance 

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There has been a bit of a shake up at Japan’s nuclear regulator, the NRA. The IAEA issued a report last week with a fairly scathing criticism of the new Japanese nuclear oversight program. In response Japan said it would double inspection staff and send some to the US for additional training. Currently Japanese inspectors receive two weeks of training, in the US they receive two years of training. IAEA also expressed concern that the current “improved” NRA system lacked the ability to have free access to nuclear plants and related operations data. They have been at the mercy of the power companies to arbitrarily grant permission to the inspectors. The IAEA likened Japan’s current restart inspections to a choreographed routine with no penalties for non compliance by the power company. NRA responded that they will change rules to allow inspectors to make snap inspections at plants. This will also require power plant ...



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