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Off Grid Journey - Self Sufficiency Videos
Join Drew Lamb, owner of Pyramid Pure Foods aquaponics farm, as he explores self-sufficient living. Get advice from experts about organic farming and gardeni...

Chicago Hosts U.S.-Canada Energy Summit; Cook County Board Opposes Canadian Nuclear Dump

Chicago Hosts U.S.-Canada Energy Summit; Cook County Board Opposes Canadian Nuclear Dump |...
U.S. and Canadian leaders are in Chicago for a two-day summit on the future of energy relations between to the two countries. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs spearheaded the Thursday and Friday conference with U.S. and Canadian business leaders, policymakers and energy experts.

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Saturdays @ 2 PM ET/11 AM PT on UCY.TV, Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy ~ #173 USS REAGAN HOMEPORTING – JAPAN OR USA? MASAHIKO GOTO, CAROL JAHNKOW Radio 24/7 ~ Listen & Chat: INTERVIEWS: Two views across the Pacific on homeporting issues for the USS Ronald Reagan, which sailed into the worst of the Fukushima Daiichi radiation plume beginning the day after the earthquake and tsunami set off the nuclear disaster. Is the ship still radioactive? What happened to the debris from the purported “clean-up?” And why would the town of Yokusuka, the proposed new location for the Reagan, put up with two floating nuclear reactors from a contaminated ship in its harbor? Mr. Masahiko Goto, attorney for the Japanese coalition trying to block the homeporting of the Reagan in Yokusuka as of Summer, 2015, on the current battle and his planned trip to visit the Reagan lawsuit attorneys and activists in California. Carol Jahnkow, a 30-year veteran activist on and now Director Emerita of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego, provides historic perspective and context for understanding issues with our atomic-powered fleet.

Russian expedition to study impact of Fukushima accident on Sea of Japan

Russian expedition to study impact of Fukushima accident on Sea of Japan
Russian expedition to study impact of Fukushima accident on Sea of Japan

Union of Concerned Scientists - Senseless deprivation: the NRC keeps hiding documents from the public

Senseless Deprivation: The NRC Hiding Documents from the Public - All Things Nuclear
Sensory deprivation involves the intentional elimination of stimuli of one or more of the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. While it can be used to promote meditation and other helpful applications, it often has more sinister connotations. For example, few if any Hollywood films featu…

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Combined Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation reading

Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy

Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy - 10/18/2014

Post Ignorance with Kevin D. Blanch Archive

Post Ignorance with Kevin Blanch - 10/16/2014

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The series of groundwater monitoring wells near the sea front have seen continued changes consisting of high levels of various radioactive isotopes. Beta radiation in well 1-6 jumped to 5.1 million bq/liter on the 17th. This well began to decrease by the next day. Wells 1-14 and 1-16 began to increase on the 18th. Well 1-14 saw an increase in cesium. Both wells saw an increase in beta radiation the second day. TEPCO claims they will continue to monitor these wells daily. The ongoing behavior of these wells and any related increases in contamination inside the port or the sea near the plant could indicate an ongoing pathway for contaminated water to leak to the sea. This article would not be possible without the extensive efforts of the SimplyInfo research team Join the conversation at All content is copyright Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of ...

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Over the weekend a contract worker at the Cooper nuclear power plant in Nebraska dropped a 14 foot control rod blade onto the nuclear reactor core during refueling operations. Workers were replacing the...

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